I’m Going Commando in June!

This is the story of how 5 girlfriends (all moms in their mid-30’s) got together last October, had some wine, and  somehow decided the thing to do was to sign up for the Go Commando 5K Adventure Race in June. With varying degrees of running experience in the group, we made a pact that we would cross the finish line together no matter what. That gave this avid non-runner 8 months to procrastinate get into peak physical condition for (gulp) this:

Yup. Traipsing through mud pits, shooting down tunnel slides, climbing hay bales, scaling log piles, and even jumping fire! It all seemed like such a great idea at our girl’s weekend…now I can’t help but wonder what the hell I’ve gotten myself into. Over the years I’ve adopted my husband’s ‘I only run when I’m being chased’ theory on this subject. Clearly the wine clouded my judgement the night I agreed to this. Over the past four months I have repeatedly told myself, “I can do this,” which is usually followed by, “right?” 

I decided to stick to my usual workouts on the elliptical throughout the winter…then wait until March to start hitting the pavement – giving me 3 months to transform into Flo Jo. Well, I’ve been a rock star on the elliptical. But as my friend and running guru, Mandy has so tactfully informed me (and I quote), “the elliptical is NOT good enough” when it comes to training for a 5K. Now all I can think about is how March is tip-toeing up behind me, getting closer and closer. Today it actually tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey fatty…just a few more weeks!”  So I bit the bullet. I ordered new running shoes and loaded up my iPod with a kick-ass motivational playlist. I even bought one of those little iPod arm bands that all the cool kids wear. (Pretty intense first day of training, right?) 
 I’ve never been a runner…the last time I ran a mile was probably high school gym class. I don’t really understand where people find the fun in it. I’m hoping that’s only because I’ve never actually tried it. But here’s the deal: I love the feeling that I have committed to doing this. I’ve made up my mind…and I WILL do it. I love that this is how I will be ringing in my 35th birthday. Even more than that, I love that I have committed to doing it with my lifelong friends! I’m probably going to look like a fool…maybe fall on my face…perhaps I’ll be the slowest one in the group…but I WILL finish this race. And dammit, my friends will be by my side and we’re going to have a BLAST! 
Wish me luck …I’m going to need it.  
Life begins....

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