5K Training Update: What Running Is Teaching Me About Myself

Remember that blog post where I was freaking out about starting to train for my first ever 5K? The blog post where I thought for sure it would take me 3 months of training to get ready, and I couldn’t understand what fun anyone could find in running? That blog post from two months ago where I was (as usual) filled with self-doubt?

 I wrote that post before I had even once hit the pavement. Since then I’ve been running a few times a week and surprising the hell out of myself. I hit the three mile mark two and a half weeks ago. My best run was a hilly 3.4 miles last weekend. And I think I get it now…where the fun is in this sport. I totally understand how people can get hooked. It feels amazing. When I committed to the 5K it wasn’t even the idea of running that I liked, it was the idea of setting a goal and accomplishing it. Now it’s the running I like. Plain and simple. Here are some things I’ve learned…

Worrying about getting started was the hardest part. In my mind this was going to be a miserable experience. Something I would do once just to say I did it. (Okay, so yes, the first few weeks were in fact miserable.) But once I quit talking about it and started doing it, I quickly realized perception is NOT reality.  
Running is completely mind over matter. My cousin told me that once you’ve been running for a while you’ll hit your stride and realize you can just keep going. And she was right! I was amazed at how fast I was able to just keep running without stopping to walk. Here’s what the voice in my head sounds like when I’m running. “Yeah, this is hard…but you’re not dying. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Keep running. Do not start walking. Think of how strong you’re getting.” 
Running is awesome ME time. I love my family. I really do. But I also crave alone time because it seems like I never get it anymore. I can’t tell you how good it feels to put on my iPod and listen to Green Day on full blast…something I can’t play at home with three little sets of ears listening. I would have to say that “running ME time” might be just as fun as “going to Target without kids and grabbing a Starbucks ME time.” (It’s definitely cheaper.) 
If you told me last October that I would be enjoying my 5K training this much, I would have laughed at you. If you told me last October that by the end of spring I’d be feeling jealous when I drive by people running on the side of the road, I would have said you were crazy. I never in a million years thought I was capable of this. Shame on me. Of course I am! Bring it on ‘Go Commando’…see you in 6 weeks. 


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    Okay, motivator! You’ve got me pumped up and ready to go. You, me, and our sweet running playlists pounding the pavement in 9 months or so…what do you say?!? I’m so proud of you and am extremely happy you’re loving this new hobby! Way to go, cuz!

    • Oh my gosh…WHY did I never reply to this before today??? Obviously I meant to and just never made time to. Shame on me! Because YES YES YES I want to pound the pavement with you as soon as possible! I say we find a great event and make it happen together! I love ya Hez…and your support means THE WORLD to me! I hope you know that.

  2. Your comments are very significant and on point with how many of us have felt when we’ve either started or restarted. Thank you for your honesty as now with the thaw of winter and the droll of our treadmills drive us insane, you have helped me to get out onto the pavement. Now six years plus since my quadruple bypass and no plans on stopping … my only struggle is holding the demon’s back from holding me back. Any thoughts?

    • Brian, wow! Your words are motivating me in return. A quadruple bypass? That’s heavy…yet you’re still going. Amazing! Make yourself an awesome playlist and stay badass! Thanks for commenting!

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