When Bad Family Photos Happen To Good People

That perfect family photo…I’ve been chasing it for years. But I’m starting to realize that it probably doesn’t exist. Sometimes the most perfect family photos are the obnoxious outtakes. Those are the photos that tell the true story of this family. They make me laugh, cringe, roll my eyes, and remember. Yup, that was how it really went down when we were trying to force 3 little kids sit still and act adorable. That’s what happened when we bribed and pleaded with (and probably even threatened) our kids to just let us get ONE good shot. Here are just a few of my favorite outtakes from over the years.  
This appears to be a sweet family photo, right?

Don’t be fooled…
This is literally two seconds later…after a strategically placed kick from little brother.
Just in case you were wondering…this is what I look like when telling one of my 
kids to “go sit on your bed!”

This is just lovely…I’m so proud. (See no evil, pick no evil, smirk no evil?) 
Don’t you think Christmas is a beautiful time of year? 
All that togetherness and family bonding….

Grandparents can even have a difficult time wrangling their little 
angels for that perfect holiday snapshot…
…but it CAN happen. I think my parents are actually sweating in this one.
Here’s one I took this Easter. See how peaceful they are all 
dressed up and behaving like little lambs?
This is my favorite family photo outtake of all time:
A real Easter whodunit from a few years ago. Somebody farted as we were posing for the perfect family photo. I won’t name names, but it may have been the big guy in the upper left corner who also happens to be my brother. Perhaps not so coincidentally…there was an earthquake that very morning in California. I’m certain it was triggered by the exact moment you see pictured here. 
We may not be a picture-perfect family…but we’re perfect for each other. 


  1. This is hilarious. I was chuckling the whole way through because it’s sooo true! We have three little ones too so our family photos are just as interesting. Great post idea! BTW, stopping by from the SITS Girls Sharefest.

  2. Omg this is awesome Marie, I cant relate at all!!! Love it!

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