Observations From Our Latest Walt Disney World Vacation

I’m a Disney girl. I’ve been to Walt Disney World at least a dozen times. I totally get it. The history, the hospitality, the “have a magical day,” the illusion show, the gift shop-y-ness of it all. I LOVE it! And I want my kids to love it too…which is why we make the trip every few years to soak it all in. We just returned home from our latest Walt Disney World adventure on Saturday. Naturally, we all had a great time. As expected, many magical memories were made.

Here are a few random observations I made during our stay: 

Halloween really is happier here
– Disney entertainment inevitably makes me cry…even if it’s the same show I’ve seen a hundred

  times. Being a dancer all through my childhood and high school, I always dreamed of going to
  Disney World to dance. But alas, I chose the “safe” route…college, career, marriage, family,
  mini-van, etc. Obviously, now every time I see the dancers in the shows and parades I get
  nostalgic and weepy. (Stop making fun of me immediately.)

What I wouldn’t give to be a part of this kick line!

– Even if you sit on a curb for 45 minutes to reserve your spot for the aforementioned parades,
  some obnoxious family will ALWAYS come one minute prior start time and just squeeze into your
  space.I have no problem telling them to scram. I will defend my own family’s parade watching
  territory fiercely…so beat it, bastards.

– Have boys? You MUST sign them up for the Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios. I got
   to watch my boys battle the real Darth Vader. And my 6 year old even “intimidated” the Storm
  Troopers. Seeing him use the force push to deter them was classic. (Yes, I got a lump in my throat.
  It was SO cute!)

Force Push!

– People are really fat. Sorry. I realize this isn’t a PC thing to say, but it’s true. You go to a park
  and see this microcosm of America…and you realize that there are just so many gigantic people.
  Riding scooters. Eating ice cream. (It’s like the people of the future on Wall-E!) What must visitors
  from foreign countries think of us?

– When the weather is hot in Orlando (which it was for us) and the parks are crowded (which
   they were for us) it can feel like you’re spending the day at a deodorant testing grounds.
   People…invest in the good stuff, yeah? And for God’s sake, Mister…don’t wear a sleeveless
   tee shirt. Barf.

– If you take your 4 year old daughter to the parks, she WILL get called ‘Princess’ by every cast
   member she comes into contact with. One cashier at the Magic Kingdom had an in depth
   conversation with her…then as we were leaving she came out from behind the counter and
   gave Anna a grand curtsy telling her how nice it was to meet a real princess. (Again with the
   water works from Mom.)

Happiness is meeting your favorite Princess!

– Yes, one really DOES need another Mickey sweatshirt (and another WDW coffee mug).

– Being the self-appointed queen of Disney Parks Trivia in your group can really start to annoy
   your family members…possibly even resulting in your dad calling you Cliff Claven. (For the record:
   I’m cool with it).

– This was the trip where one minute my 8 year old son was holding my hand as we strolled down
   Main Street USA, and the next minute he was telling me to stop embarrassing him by screaming
   and woo-hooing on Soarin.’ I thoroughly enjoyed watching him being forced to give Belle a hug…
   and seeing his face turn as red as the tee shirt he was wearing.

One thing he did love was being a part of
The Great Cardenny’s magic act.

– I also learned that at the end of your trip, when you ask your kids what was their favorite thing
   on the whole entire trip, and they answer “Swimming in the pool!” it is cringe inducing.

– When you get home it feels oddly quiet…and almost sad not to hear the appropriate theme
   music playing in the background wherever you go.

– No matter how tired of the crowds I get, no matter how physically exhausted I am, no matter
   how ready I am to get home…I ALWAYS want to go back again. Always! I don’t know how
   Disney does it, but they do. I’m proud to report that my kids have taken on my way of thinking.
   This chalk art by my 6 year old that I found today says it all:

Thanks for the memories (and the swimming pool), Mickey…
See Ya Real Soon! 


  1. I love this! We are actually on our way home from Disney right now! And yes there are a lot of fat people on scooters!!!

    • I hope you had a magical trip to the happiest place on earth! Are you and your family exhausted? Oh, and thanks for verifying…even though I know it’s not very PC to say 🙂

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