My Running Playlist for 2013

Hello there, old friends…
I haven’t run since October. I took three months off. I thought it would feel relaxing, and for a while it was. But ultimately I ended up feeling lazy and gross. So I’m back at it again. It hasn’t been pretty, but it feels SO great to be running again! Exhilarating actually. I’ve already registered for one 5K and more are in the works. And I’ve also set a goal of running my first 10K by mid-summer too. I’m going to make it happen. 
So, with a new running season comes a new running playlist. Here are some that I’m loving so far:

GIRL ON FIRE, by Alicia Keys
“She got both feet on the ground, and she’s burning it down. 
She got her head in the clouds, and she’s not backing down.”
It’s a bit slow, so it makes a great first song for a run. This song makes me feel invincible. 

ON TOP OF THE WORLD,  by Imagine Dragons

This might be my new favorite! BEST.CHORUS.EVER…it was made for running

by Taylor Swift

Embarrassing? Yes. But a great running song? Yes. It makes me feel young and sassy. I’ll take that any way I can get it these days. Whatever works, right?


Attitude. Yep.

HOME, by Phillip Phillips

I just love this song. Simple.

CARRY ON, by Fun.
“My head is on fire, but my legs are fine.”
“May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground. Carry On.”

Another one that starts slow, but builds. LOVE!

LIVE WHILE WE’RE YOUNG, by One Direction
(Stop making fun of me immediately)

…although, I MIGHT have worn this one out for myself while 
jammin’ out in my mini-van. (*see my last blog post*)
We’ll see how long this one stays on the list. 
Some other favorite running songs (aka: My Old Standbys)
It’s Tricky, by Run DMC
It’s All Been Done, by Barenaked Ladies
Drive By, by Train
Run The World (Girls), by Beyonce
Starships, by Nicki Minaj
Some Nights, by Fun.
She’s So Mean, by Matchbox 20
Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Green Day
-You Fckn Did It (Live), by Jason Mraz
The Fighter,  by Gym Class Heroes
 *My favorite running song ever!*
So what songs am I missing? What are your must-have running songs for 2013? 


  1. Okay, I probably could have written the entire first paragraph. And we have The Color Run in two weeks!

    I also have about half those songs on my running list.

    But I also have
    Call Me, Maybe
    Jesus Walks – Kanye (from Jarhead, most fave to run to)
    Die Young – Kesha
    Ho Hey – Lumineers
    Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars
    Scream & Shout – Britney

    I love new running songs!

  2. Forgot to mention, I nominated you for a Leibster award!

    Check it out…

  3. This is the BEST post ever!! I am totally saving it and going straight to iTunes to boost my music on my iPod! Thank you! Stopping by from SITS Sharefest on Twitter.

  4. Great list. I’m always looking for new and current workout songs. I’ve pinned this one. Thank you.
    I found you at SITS Sharefest and now following along 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more!

  5. Very good selection..

  6. I aspire to be a runner but I really really really hate it. But I’m trying, and every time I hear “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine I want to sprint. (For fifteen seconds before I keel over.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just added some of your faves to my list! Two songs that always help pick up my pace are Lose Yourself ~Eminem and Wild Ones ~ Flo Rida.

  8. got some great songs here, thank you!

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