My 14 Seconds of Michael Buble Mania…

Let’s talk about Michael Buble. I like to refer to him as ‘My Other Husband’ (with all due respect to my real husband, obviously.) He sets my heart all aflutter. He is perfection. And he’s also coming out with new music for the first time in two years. He has released two tiny little teaser clips of  his new single in the past week. So naturally, I’ve been feeling overcome with excitement…which brings me back to my 14 seconds of Michael Buble mania from a few years ago. Let’s reminisce. Shall we?

It’s March of  2010. I have managed to procure 2 floor seats to Michael Buble’s upcoming concert. Row 29! On a whim I enter an online contest to win tickets through Macy’s, the sponsor of the tour. Just a few days before the concert my phone rings. It’s Macy’s telling me I won 10th Row Tickets!!! Are you kidding me? I’m finally going to be just a few feet away from my other husband? There’s nothing that could make this experience any more exciting…or so I thought.

Fast forward to the night of the big show. Michael Buble is standing 10 rows away from me singing his beautiful little heart out. I’m swooning and tearing up at the sound of his crooning when I notice security starting to move in around us. Then I notice Michael moving towards the stairs…he coming down off of the stage…he’s actually walking towards the audience…he’s coming down the aisle…the aisle where I am sitting…OMG…is this a dream???

What follows is a video clip of the moment My Other Husband and I came face to face (kind of). 
It’s my 14 seconds of Michael Buble mania.
 (This is SO embarrassing.)

Allow me to explain. If you watch the clip again you will hear that I am not the only woman who sounds like a cat in heat. You can hear dozens of women screeching and yowling…just like me. And yes, that is my hand reaching out to…rub his back??? Why did I do that? Ugh! But I’d like to add that his suit was made of the finest silk, or something like that. Very soft. Also, he’s shorter than me. (At 5’10” that’s the story of my life!) But I’m willing to overlook our height difference in the name of true love. What you hear me screech at the very end is, “He looked at you!” I’m talking to the girl in the yellow shirt who was sitting right behind me. She was probably 20, skinny, and gorgeous…and he totally checked her out. Skinny bitch Lucky girl.

Okay, so he didn’t exactly ask me to run away with him forever…but he probably would have if it wasn’t for the girl in the yellow shirt. Oh well. I’m just glad I have our 14 shining seconds together captured on video for posterity. I’m sure it was just as special for him as it was for me.


  1. Damn girl in yellow. If not for her, he’d be your real husband by now. (of course, only if you wanted him to be; not suggesting divorce is coming your way or anything.)

  2. OMG! My daughter loves Michael Buble. We saw him at Radio City Music Hall in 2007. I’ve been to many concerts and it was the BEST by far I’ve ever seen. He is dreamy! We’re going to London in June and he’ll be at the O2. Can’t decide whether to see him again or not. Don’t want to spoil the memories of the first experience! That 14 second video was exciting! Stopping by from SHAREFEST

    • You saw him at Radio City??? That sounds amazing! I think you should TOTALLY go to see him in London because it’s been so many years since you last saw him! Did you hear that he and his wife are having a baby? I’m so happy for them (and also jealous!) 🙂 Thanks for stopping by…

  3. Awesome post.
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