She Is My Mom

She is fabulous.

She is absolutely hilarious.

She strikes up conversations with strangers. When I was younger I was embarrassed by this. But the older I get the more I appreciate it. Now I realize it’s a life skill. I wish I was as good at is as she is.

She and I can talk about anything. And when I say anything, I literally mean ANYthing. You name it and we’ve talked about it. Which leads me to…

She’s a retired OB Nurse Practitioner. I can’t tell you how many times my friends had me ask her questions that they were too embarrassed to ask their own moms. She would give me pamphlets on various body topics to bring to school and share with my friends.

She and I randomly say the exact same thing…at the exact same time…in the exact same tone of voice. It’s creepy, but it happens ALL the time. It makes us laugh hysterically.

She uses Marry Poppins-esque nuggets of wisdom. Some of my favorites are, “You are the generator of your own experience.” and “Nobody will care how long it took you to do the job, they’ll only care how well you did it.”

She can’t stand to see an injustice happening, and she has ZERO qualms about speaking up about it. Even if she sees somebody cutting in line, she’ll say something.

She makes a new year’s resolution every year to stop gossiping about people. Every year (with my help) she breaks it by January 2nd.

She’s not exactly outdoorsy. Which is why bad things always seem to happen to her at the cabin. The mosquitoes feed on her. And she falls into the lake at least once each summer. Because of this, we make fun of her relentlesly. She takes it well.

She can fix, build, sew, decorate, cook, or create anything. She has more tools than my dad does.

She laughs until she pees. (Sorry Mom, but it’s the truth.)

She goes out of her way to shower my kids with love and support. They are so lucky to have her.

She has loved me for 35 years…unconditionally. She has held me up when I needed it. She has pushed me out on my own when I needed it.

She would do anything for me and my family.

She is the wisest woman I know.

She is beautiful.

She is my Mom…and I am blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom
I love you! 


  1. Beautiful tribute! She sounds a bit like me and also like my mom! I’m feeling particularly tear-eyed this year when I read about people’s mothers.

  2. Thanks…she is fantastic! I’m completely aware of how lucky I am.

  3. You are blessed to have her for your mom, but I think I’m even more fortunate, because she’s my sister and I, too, have had her in my life, beside me, and in my heart, for over 56 years. I have learned everything from your mom. I watched her as she sailed through school with high grades and so many friends. I witnessed her fall in love with your dad and become a wife, mother, and grandmother. She taught me the importance of unconditional love and continues to be my rock and support. I love her as much, or more, than you do Marie. Aren’t we lucky to have your mom in our lives? She is grand!

    • Aaaand, I’m crying. You’ve been with her through it all. I have a sneaking suspicion she would say many of the same things about you. Fabulous, fabulous women for me to look up to! I’m am lucky.

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