7 Frozen Covers You’re Sure To Be Obsessed With

Oh, admit it. You’re just as obsessed with the Frozen soundtrack as the rest of the world. It’s been playing non-stop at our house for the last few months, and I wish I could blame it all on my kids. So what exactly is it about the song, Let it Go? Why does every little girl LOVE this song so much? Why can’t you resist singing along at the top of your lungs whenever you hear it? And how exactly are you supposed to get it out of your head? I suppose it’s just the latest installation of Disney magic. (They’re so good at that!)

So in order to help fuel the obsession, I’ve compiled the 7 best Frozen covers 
that I’ve seen floating around the web. Enjoy! 
Obviously, we have to start with the adorable kids singing (slightly off key). 
These two little sisters, Maddie and Zoe are SO CUTEl! I love how they just belt it out.

Next is Christina Bianco, covering Let It Go while impersonating a handful of different singing divas. (She’s a really great singer on her own…but her impressions are spot on! I like her Celine Dion best.)
Here’s 9 year old Annelise Forbes singing her little heart out. She’s had no formal training, but records her own album each year to give her family as a Christmas gift. Here was this year’s result. Get it girl!
Here’s a Frozen medley sung by the acapella group Pentatonix.
It’s funny and cheesy…and awesome! And Mitch Grassi’s version of Let It Go? Fierce!
Oh, and hang tight for the blooper reel at the end. I mean, who doesn’t love a good blooper reel?
 ‘Here I Go (Despair of an Alto)’ is all about the woes of trying to sing along with your 
favorite Disney songs when your vocal range just isn’t there. 
This singer gives it a try anyway, and the results are hilarious!

Now THIS kid’s got some legit talent! Check out the Sam Tsui’s ‘Let it Go/Let Her Go (Frozen/Passenger Mashup)’…it’s beautiful! And he’s adorable.
I saved my favorite for last. This is the Alex Boye (Africanized Tribal Cover) of Let It Go. I’m still not exactly sure what African tribal music has to do with Frozen. But somehow it works…REALLY well. 
I promise it will give you the chills. (No pun intended). 

So there you have it…I hope you found one you loved. And I wish you the best of  luck
 getting ‘Let It Go’ out of your head now. Oh, never mind. Just go forth and BELT IT OUT!!! 
You know you want to. 


  1. Have you seen the blog post … http://wellbehavedmormonwoman.blogspot.com. I have not seen the movie yet ( I know shame on me for having a glass of wine while grandma took my daughter!) After reading this post (I’m NOT norman fyi) I have to go see this movie to figure out what she is talking about

    • Wow. Just checked out the well behaved mormon woman post. That was some crazy shit, right there. Especially the part where she didn’t publish any of the negative comments she got. I guess they let any old nut job start a blog, don’t they? (I’m probably living proof of that.) I would highly recommend seeing the movie. And I would highly recommend not over-analyzing it when you do. It’s a great movie!

  2. LOVE Let It Go. That Annalise girl is amazing. My daughter loves watching that video. She’s all, “How does that little girl DO that! I can’t sing that good!”

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