He’s My Dad

 Legend has it, his first words to my mom when I was born were, “Well…you got your girl.”  Clearly he had no idea just how awesome it was going to be having me for a daughter.



He has always picked me up when I was down…or when there was too much snow for me to walk for myself.


He makes fun of my love of Disney World. When I was in 8th grade he told me it was his last trip there. That was 23 years ago…He’s been there with me at least 7 times since. I’m CERTAIN I’ll get him to go again soon.


                  He loved me through my “rough years” when I would go to Christmas looking like this:


Note the look of agony on his face

He spent my formative years educating me in the the ways of Bob Dylan, Jerry Jeff Walker, Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Jethro Tull, John Prine, and A Prarie Home Companion. Personally I think he was just trying to override my unnatural obsession with NKOTB. (See last photo)

hpqscan0038 (2)

He is spending my kids’ formative years reading to them…and with them. I love that.

IMG_3271             287

Every year at Easter he orchestrates the most elaborate (and financially lucrative) Easter egg hunts.  You guys, he divides the yard into quadrants. It’s always epic.


He is hilarious.


The sign says “Caution Electric Security. No Trespassing.”

He is that grandpa. You know, the one who loves his grandkids so fully and unconditionally, with endless joy. I hope my kids understand how lucky they are to have Papa in their lives.

294     IMG_6867

014   IMG_7110

He’s the coolest. Well, at least he tries to be. I still can’t get him to understand the concept of social media. Hashtags are completely lost on him. He refers to the internet at “the big blue e.” And tries to use the word ‘swag.’ But no matter. He’ll always be the coolest to me.

I am incredibly #blessed to have the best Dad in the world.


Love you Dad!  Happy Father’s Day


  1. So sweet and he forgive neighbor girls who drive thru his perfect lawn 😉

    • Ha! I should have added that part too. I just didn’t have a picture to go along with it. (Probably for the best.) 🙂

  2. Aaahhh, so sweet. If he’s not “hip” with social media, is he going to see this?? Hope so. Great pics!

    • Word on the street is, my Mom showed this to him and he was practically weeping. (Although he claimed it was allergies.)

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