Hysterectomy Recovery Week 8: I’ve Got My Mojo Back!

hysterrecov8Eight weeks ago my uterus and I broke up. That’s right. I had had enough of  her sass so I kicked her to the curb. Seriously though? It was a long road  leading up to my decision to have a hysterectomy. You can read about my  journey here. Now that I’m two months out from surgery, it feels like that was a lifetime ago. It feels like I have my mojo back. Yeah baby!

My surgery, a laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH), where they removed everything except my ovaries, went off without a hitch. I was pleasantly surprised to be released and sent home the same night. Side note: I was also pleasantly surprised that the hospital narcotics were strong enough to get me hallucinating. The cutest little cat decided to join me in the recovery room! (I’ll never live that one down.) After all was said and done, they ended up finding both Endometriosis AND Adenomyosis all up in there. Talk about vindication! Turns out my misery wasn’t all in my head.

The first week post-surgery was rougher than I expected. I was straight-up laid up and it took more of a toll than I expected. I wrote about it on one particularly cranky day. You can read it here. So week one wasn’t exactly the rest, relaxation and respite from my family that I was looking forward to. I felt just plain sore, tired, and incapacitated.

Thankfully, the week and a half mark was pivotal. By that time I was totally off pain meds, using only Tylenol and Advil, and finally up and around getting some things done. True, I was still feeling incredibly foggy from the anesthesia, which surprised me. And I was still tired enough to actually lay down and nap once a day.  That was also the point when I deliberately disobeyed doctor’s (and my mother’s) orders and took my life back into my own hands. Yep. I hopped into the old mini van and took her for a spin. It wasn’t exactly a joy ride. So I just  brought my son to his piano lesson.  But it felt a lot like this:freedom

By the time I went in for my two-week check-up the fog had lifted, My energy was coming back and my pain had almost completely diminished, with the exception of when I was over-doing it. That’s when the twinges in my abdomen would give me a sharp reminder that it was time to take it easy. Most amazingly, this two-week mark was the time I would have been scheduled to have my period. Out of habit I braced up for the excruciating back pain, chills and body aches I had become accustomed to over the past two years. And then…Nothing. NOTHING! Just beautiful, pain- free, non-periodness.  (Is non-periodness a word? It is now.) Don’t hate me, you guys. By week 6 I was given the all clear. Meaning it was safe to return to all normal activity with no more restrictions.

Today, as my second month post-surgery comes to a close I have noticed that my back pain is making a slight return at ovulation time. I was told to expect this. But here’s the thing. It is far less than it used to be. Nothing an Advil or two can’t take care of. Nothing that would make me want to curl up in a ball and spend the day attached to a heating pad like before. Other than that, I am virtually pain free. What a concept!  I went for my first run since June the other day. It wasn’t pretty. But it’s in the books. The best news of all? NO BACK PAIN! (True. There was lots of hip, thigh and shin pain the next day…but that was just from being embarrassingly out of shape. I’ll take it!)

Now that I’m finally feeling well, I’m realizing just how cruddy actually I felt over the last few years. Probably because feeling cruddy just became my normal. I’m so happy to report that I’m not missing my uterus one. single. bit. In fact, the other day when a friend showed me a picture of somebody she knew who had just given birth to triplets I’m almost positive that somewhere in the distance I could hear the sweet sound of my uterus high-fiving itself. Music to my ears.

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  1. I just found your blog after a quick research on recovery. I read week 1 first and giggled the whole time. I totally understand what you’re saying because I’m the same way. Omg there’s two of us in this world! 😂

    I have my procedure in 3 days. Independence Day is going to be a NEW meaning this year!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say HI and that I enjoyed both post.

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