You Gotta Read This: You Have to F**king Eat




You Have to F**king Eat looks like a children’s book. But you probably don’t want to read this one to your kids. Nope, this one is for the parents. The parents who have grown tired of mealtime battles. The parents who refuse to engage in one more power struggle over vegetables. The parents who can’t for the life of them seem to make a  single meal their kids enjoy. The parents who have come to dread the dinner table. The parents who realize if they can’t laugh about it, they’ve probably lost the battle. It’s the insanely funny and awesomely  inappropriate follow-up to the international best seller Go the F**ck To Sleep. Don’t remember that one? Here’s a refresher for you, as appropriately (and hilariously) narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

The very first page had me giggling to myself. By the last page I was laughing out loud and thinking how I’d like to high-five the author, Adam Mansbach. It was so relatable I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. Here’s how it begins:

The sunrise is golden and lovely, The birds chirp and twitter and tweet,

You woke me and asked for some breakfast, So why the fuck won’t you eat?

Can’t get enough? That’s what I thought. Here’ s a small, uncensored sample of what you can expect, this time narrated ironically by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston:

You Have to F**king Eat just begs to be given as a gift. You might want to gift  it to first time parents and scare the shit out of them as they look down at their perfect little bundle of joy in complete denial that all of this will indeed happen to them one day. Or better yet, gift it to veteran parents who are guaranteed to laugh hysterically before breathing a sigh of relief, feeling reassured that this is a universal problem. Either way, this is a book that gives parents a chance to revel in realness, admit our frustrations, and laugh at our failures. I can’t wait to see which parental struggle Mansbach tackles next.

The New York Times has called You Have to F**king Eat  “A New Bible for Weary Parents.”

Time referred to it as “An Anthem for Profane Parents.” 

Make Your Own Damn Dinner has declared it “A F**king Brilliant Reminder That I’m Not the Only One.”

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