The 5 Best New Christmas Songs of 2014

 Not even gonna lie, I’ve been playing my Christmas music since the day after Halloween. I do it every year.(Don’t hate, you guys!) So naturally I’ve already picked my favorite new Christmas songs of 2014. Here are the ones you NEED on your playlist this year. Drum roll…..


I’m obsessed with Sam Smith! (Who isn’t?) So Sam Smith singing one of my favorite Christmas classics?
Obviously that’s a yes please. 


Mary Did You Know hasn’t been a favorite of mine. Until I heard this haunting version by Pentatonix.



 I couldn’t possibly put out a Christmas playlist without my other husband, Michael Buble! I love his version of Baby It’s Cold Outside with Idena Menzel (also known as Adele Dazeem or Queen Elsa).



Band Aid 30: Do They Know It’s Christmas? It’s a re-make of the 80’s version. But this time it’s raising money to fight Ebola, which is great. But mostly I like it because I’m a secret One Direction fan. #1DForLife #CreepyOldLady #NoShame


This one just feels good! It’s called Must Be Christmas by Band of Merrymakers. Nope, I’d never heard of them either. But it’s guaranteed to make you smile…and feel like dancing.

What songs are on your playlist this year? 

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