And Just Like That…My Nest Is Empty

Today my youngest followed her big brothers off to school for the first time. After all the school shopping, pep-talks, and a million “I’m so excited for you!”s…today was finally the day. That bus pulled up and I watched all three of them climb on and ride away from me. I guess you never really… [Read More]

My Uterus and I Are Breaking Up

If all goes as planned, I’m only going to have two more periods. Ever. In my life. That’s because my uterus and I are breaking up. Yep. It’s official. I just scheduled my hysterectomy for mid-september. Over the past few years my uterus has put me through hell. I’m talking heavy, irregular periods with cramps… [Read More]

He’s My Dad

 Legend has it, his first words to my mom when I was born were, “Well…you got your girl.”  Clearly he had no idea just how awesome it was going to be having me for a daughter.   He has always picked me up when I was down…or when there was too much snow for me… [Read More]

You Gotta Read This: Shotgun Lovesongs

My dad walked into the room and dropped an open copy of The New Yorker Magazine onto my countertop. “You gotta read this.” he said. The article was a review of Shotgun Lovesongs, the debut novel by Nickolas Butler, an author out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin (which is the small town I lived for 9… [Read More]

Dear Tampons…

    Fair Warning: This post contains talk about lady things. Specifically periods, tampons, and PMS. So if you’re my dad, or any other male who has difficulty with the  female reality, it might be best to sit this one out. If you are like me and have no shame talking about all things vaginal, well…high five,… [Read More]

Summer 2014 Running Playlist

 Have you heard of Us the Duo? They’re this adorable newly married couple  who are rising to fame on Vine. Their new song, No Matter Where You Are is probably one of my favorite songs of the season…and just happens to make an awesome running song too. Bonus! Not gonna lie, I’m sort of obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new… [Read More]

It’s Mother’s Day…So Here’s To The Moms

Here’s to the Moms who feel like they have no clue what they’re doing – every. single. day. Here’s to the Moms who haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years. Here’s to the Moms who love their kids so fiercely they would literally do anything for them. Here’s to the Moms who are always too busy… [Read More]

Teachers! You know I love you, but…

    It’s teacher appreciation week! Don’t you love teachers? I do. (You know I used to be one, right?)  Teachers have one of the hardest jobs on the planet. It feels wonderful to know my kids are in SUCH great  hands when I send them off to school every day. Teachers are amazing! I… [Read More]

Raise Your Glass…It’s Time For a Wine Review

I am not a wine snob. But I appreciate the hell out of a good glass bottle of wine. (Seriously, find me a stressed out mom who doesn’t.) So you can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to enjoy and review a new wine on the market, Anew Riesling – A refreshing wine for those seeking… [Read More]

It’s a Mother’s Day Extravaganza!

I’m so excited to share some big news…The authors of The Mother of All Meltdowns (myself included!) have a brand new community for perfectly imperfect moms! While promoting The Mother of All Metldowns we discovered a very common theme. Mother’s don’t openly talk about the “not so great” moments of parenthood; the times when they meltdown and absolutely… [Read More]