Teachers! You know I love you, but…

    It’s teacher appreciation week! Don’t you love teachers? I do. (You know I used to be one, right?)  Teachers have one of the hardest jobs on the planet. It feels wonderful to know my kids are in SUCH great  hands when I send them off to school every day. Teachers are amazing! I… [Read More]

Let’s Be Honest: Mealtime SUCKS When You Have Picky Eaters

It’s one of the many fallacies of motherhood…that mealtimes are supposed to be this fantastically peaceful time for the whole family to come together and talk about the day, all while relaxing and enjoying every moment of each others’ company. Let’s not get it twisted. When you have a table full of little kids, the… [Read More]

Make Your Own Damn Dinner’s Guide To Outsmarting Your Kids

I’ve done it! I’ve finally figured out the secret of parenthood! And lucky for you, I’m ready to share it with all of you…my fabulous readers. You can thank me later. So today started off rough. My husband went back to work and I’m home alone with three kids all day. This house is a… [Read More]

10 Reasons Being In Your Mid-Thirties Is Fabulous

I was chatting with a friend the other night, and we decided that it feels pretty damn good being in our mid-thirties. I believe her exact words were, “Funny how it takes until your mid-thirties to stop giving a shit about what others think.” She’s right. There’s something about the mid-thirties that feels like settling… [Read More]

When Mom & Cool Don’t Mix – A Tale of Humble Pie

Last week my son came home with a permission slip for his next class field trip. I was so excited to see the 4th grade is heading to Crystal Cave. I LOVE Crystal Cave! (Well, I love Crystal Cave with the exception of all those creepy bats.) Anyway, I was just about to check the… [Read More]

The Mother of All Meltdowns…Coming Soon!

You guys, I have some exciting news! I was asked to be a contributing author in a new book called The Mother of All Meltdowns. It’s a collection of 30 tell-all stories of motherly mayhem. You know, meltdowns of epic proportions. (Ever been there yourself?) It’s just honest, hilarious, gut-wrenching, mom-tantrum realness. I’ve read an advanced… [Read More]

Is Comparison the Thief of Your Joy Too?

“Comparison Is the Thief of Joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt said that.  “Just Put Your Blinders On, Mama.” – I said that.  I’ll be completely honest. I have a tendency to look at those around me and compare myself. More often than not it leads to an insane amount of self-doubt. I have struggled with this… [Read More]

Whoomp, There It Isn’t

Sometimes I get the feeling my kids just genuinely don’t understand me. Like, for instance… Yesterday we were driving down the road in the mini-van and the timeless masterpiece,  ‘Whoomp! There It Is’ came on the radio. I got so excited, cranked up the volume, busted out some sweet front seat sit-dancing moves, recited as… [Read More]

I Cheated On My Stylist…And Liked It. Now What?

Dear Readers, I need your advice. If you are a woman (or a fabulous gay man), chances you will understand where I’m coming from here. I’ve had the same stylist for 2 years now. He’s fantastic. He reminds me of a hipster version of Adam Lambert…and he’d hate that I just said that. We talk… [Read More]

The 1st Grade Project That Bruised Mom’s Ego

School’s almost out and the kids are bringing home all of their projects from the year. It’s one of  my favorite things! I love reading all the cute things they’ve written about me worked on all year…adorable spelling mistakes and all. Today Jack brought home a collection of ‘books’ he’s written. It was titled, “Thoughts From… [Read More]