Thoughts On Becoming a Dance Mom

I was a dancer. From the time I was 6 years old…I just danced. My dance studio became my second home. I spent more hours of my week with dance friends than I did with school friends. My first kiss was at one of my dance recitals. (Incidentally, our relationship didn’t go anywhere. Turns out,… [Read More]

She Is My Mom

She is fabulous. She is absolutely hilarious. She strikes up conversations with strangers. When I was younger I was embarrassed by this. But the older I get the more I appreciate it. Now I realize it’s a life skill. I wish I was as good at is as she is. She and I can talk about… [Read More]

Analysis of a Public Tantrum…

Picture it: I’m at my sons’ school this morning selling raffle tickets and wrist bands for the upcoming school carnival. My 4 year old daughter is with me. It’s her first time tagging along with me on a volunteering day….why? because I assume she can handle it, and might even enjoy being at school with… [Read More]

Summer Scheduling Madness…It’s Looming

Summer is almost upon us! For this stay at home mom that means a drastic change in my work load. Gone will be the days of just my daughter and I having quiet, polite, sparkly girly time together. My two school aged boys will be back to crashing around under our roof all day long…and… [Read More]

Before I Was a Mom…

  Before I was a mom… I thought I knew who I was. I was wrong. Before I was a mom…My house was clean. Before I was a mom…I showered on my own schedule and I never had an audience while going to the bathroom. Before I was a mom…I was never going to let… [Read More]

Moms of the World…Let’s Keep It Real

Here’s what: I can’t stand it when moms put forth a fake perfect front for all the world to see. I also can’t stand it when I find myself buying into it. I did it just today. Another mom posting all about how her superior lifestyle was the way to go, and why her child… [Read More]

Can We Talk About “Girl Legos?”

About a year ago Lego introduced it’s Lego Friends line of products. Pink and purple bricks, flowers, fashionable mini figures, and sets that included themes like ‘City Park Cafe’ and the ‘Butterfly Beauty Shop.’ My first reaction when I saw them was, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me! There’s no reason girls need special Legos. PINK..seriously?”… [Read More]

Another New Chapter

For 9 years Goodnight Moon has been a part of my life. I swear I’ve read it at least a million times. That means a million times one of my kids has filled in this blank: “And goodnight to the old lady whispering ________.” A million times we’ve turned the lights off in that little house… [Read More]

Am I Really Qualified To Be a Mom?

It was a rough week in our house. One of our kids (who shall remain nameless) has been an absolute challenge lately. Pushing limits and testing us. Things finally came to a head at the dinner table a few nights ago. It became an epic showdown. (If you listened really hard you could almost hear… [Read More]

I Must Confess…

There’s something I have to get off of my chest. I’ve been keeping it a secret for a while now. I’m not proud of it, but I can’t hide it any longer. Okay. Here goes… About a month ago I was at Target…alone, if you other moms can even imagine it. I walked by an… [Read More]