10 Ways I’m Totally Screwing Up My Kids

Did you watch the show Parenthood? Sadly, its series finale was in January. But find it if you can, and binge-watch the hell out of it. In one episode, Julia was struggling with the ever-present mom guilt. She felt like she was screwing up her kids, which of course totally hit home. Not even gonna… [Read More]

When Mom & Cool Don’t Mix – A Tale of Humble Pie

Last week my son came home with a permission slip for his next class field trip. I was so excited to see the 4th grade is heading to Crystal Cave. I LOVE Crystal Cave! (Well, I love Crystal Cave with the exception of all those creepy bats.) Anyway, I was just about to check the… [Read More]

I Cheated On My Stylist…And Liked It. Now What?

Dear Readers, I need your advice. If you are a woman (or a fabulous gay man), chances you will understand where I’m coming from here. I’ve had the same stylist for 2 years now. He’s fantastic. He reminds me of a hipster version of Adam Lambert…and he’d hate that I just said that. We talk… [Read More]

Summer Scheduling Madness…It’s Looming

Summer is almost upon us! For this stay at home mom that means a drastic change in my work load. Gone will be the days of just my daughter and I having quiet, polite, sparkly girly time together. My two school aged boys will be back to crashing around under our roof all day long…and… [Read More]

Am I Really Qualified To Be a Mom?

It was a rough week in our house. One of our kids (who shall remain nameless) has been an absolute challenge lately. Pushing limits and testing us. Things finally came to a head at the dinner table a few nights ago. It became an epic showdown. (If you listened really hard you could almost hear… [Read More]

I Survived “The Talk” With My Son

Well, the time finally came. I had to have the “S-word” talk  with our 8 year old. No, not the sex talk…The Santa talk. It became painfully obvious to me last year that he didn’t believe anymore. But I thought if we could just make it through the holiday without him blurting it out to his younger… [Read More]

The Many Mysteries of Motherhood

There are a few things about my family that leave me shaking my head in astonishment and wonder on a daily basis. Allow me to share: *  How is it possible that “there’s nothing to do” at this house. We have three kids’ bedrooms AND a    playroom filled to the brim with toys and activities…. [Read More]

Um, I Thought Parenting Was Supposed To Get Easier At Some Point.

There’s this shift happening in my family dynamic…no matter how hard I try to deny it. Sadly, I am no longer the parent of babies. I have BIG kids! Which means I’m wading into unfamiliar parenting waters just trying to keep from going under. Having all three of my kids home full-time for the summer… [Read More]