An Open Letter to Abby Lee Miller

Dear Abby Lee Miller, Your show, Dance Moms has been on for three years now. We’ve been watching your dancers grow up before our very eyes. It’s very clear to the rest of us how talented, kind and beautiful they are. Many of us wonder why you can’t see it for yourself. It seems you… [Read More]

I Danced In the Super Bowl Halftime Show…and Rolling Stone Hated It

A little known fact about me: I danced in the Super Bowl XXVI halftime show! For those of you who aren’t so good with roman numerals, that was way back in 1992. Every year at this time I get all nostalgic about it. I was in 9th grade, and it was REALLY fun!  I got… [Read More]

Thoughts On Becoming a Dance Mom

I was a dancer. From the time I was 6 years old…I just danced. My dance studio became my second home. I spent more hours of my week with dance friends than I did with school friends. My first kiss was at one of my dance recitals. (Incidentally, our relationship didn’t go anywhere. Turns out,… [Read More]