It Must Be Her Father’s DNA

I am admittedly a curmudgeon sometimes…especially when it comes to certain holidays. But NOT when it comes to Christmas. I love practically everything about it. Especially the music. I’m not ashamed to admit that I start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween and  I hang on through most of the month of January. I have an… [Read More]

Boo Humbug!

Reason #592 I feel mother’s guilt: I’m so bad at Halloween. Even as a kid I remember I was never really into it. When it came to costumes, I was highly unoriginal. I dressed up as a witch for like, 5 years in a row. Cliche much?  And also foreshadowing, according to my husband.  Every… [Read More]

When Mom & Cool Don’t Mix – A Tale of Humble Pie

Last week my son came home with a permission slip for his next class field trip. I was so excited to see the 4th grade is heading to Crystal Cave. I LOVE Crystal Cave! (Well, I love Crystal Cave with the exception of all those creepy bats.) Anyway, I was just about to check the… [Read More]

Sweetest Viral Video of All Time!

Have you guys seen this?!? It’s a viral video of a guy coming out of anesthesia after surgery. He looks over at his wife and thinks it’s the first time he’s ever seen her…and he falls in love with her all over again! I mean, it is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. And… [Read More]

My Favorite “Great Kate Wait” Tweets of the Week

Will this Royal Baby EVER make it’s royal debut?!? Yes, Kate Middleton is reportedly in labor as I write this. But something tells me it could be a long day of waiting before we know for sure if it will be a future king or future queen. If you’re like me, maybe you need something… [Read More]

Whoomp, There It Isn’t

Sometimes I get the feeling my kids just genuinely don’t understand me. Like, for instance… Yesterday we were driving down the road in the mini-van and the timeless masterpiece,  ‘Whoomp! There It Is’ came on the radio. I got so excited, cranked up the volume, busted out some sweet front seat sit-dancing moves, recited as… [Read More]

The 1st Grade Project That Bruised Mom’s Ego

School’s almost out and the kids are bringing home all of their projects from the year. It’s one of  my favorite things! I love reading all the cute things they’ve written about me worked on all year…adorable spelling mistakes and all. Today Jack brought home a collection of ‘books’ he’s written. It was titled, “Thoughts From… [Read More]

And the Next Kim Kardashian is………

And the next Kim Kardashian is……Olympic gold medal winning swimmer, Ryan Lochte! Did you see this clip of two morning news anchors interviewing Ryan Lochte about his upcoming reality TV show? This is the edited version of the interview (which by itself is pretty funny). But it’s the reaction of the anchors the second Lochte… [Read More]

Analysis of a Public Tantrum…

Picture it: I’m at my sons’ school this morning selling raffle tickets and wrist bands for the upcoming school carnival. My 4 year old daughter is with me. It’s her first time tagging along with me on a volunteering day….why? because I assume she can handle it, and might even enjoy being at school with… [Read More]

My 14 Seconds of Michael Buble Mania…

Let’s talk about Michael Buble. I like to refer to him as ‘My Other Husband’ (with all due respect to my real husband, obviously.) He sets my heart all aflutter. He is perfection. And he’s also coming out with new music for the first time in two years. He has released two tiny little teaser… [Read More]