Clash of the Couples is Here!!!

I have HUGE NEWS, you guys! Remember that time when I was a contributing author in The Mother of All Meltdowns last year? Well the follow-up book is out today and I’m so proud to be featured in it! Last time we tackled the challenges of keeping our cool with our kids. This time around… [Read More]

An Open Letter to Abby Lee Miller

Dear Abby Lee Miller, Your show, Dance Moms has been on for three years now. We’ve been watching your dancers grow up before our very eyes. It’s very clear to the rest of us how talented, kind and beautiful they are. Many of us wonder why you can’t see it for yourself. It seems you… [Read More]

And the Next Kim Kardashian is………

And the next Kim Kardashian is……Olympic gold medal winning swimmer, Ryan Lochte! Did you see this clip of two morning news anchors interviewing Ryan Lochte about his upcoming reality TV show? This is the edited version of the interview (which by itself is pretty funny). But it’s the reaction of the anchors the second Lochte… [Read More]

Moms of the World…Let’s Keep It Real

Here’s what: I can’t stand it when moms put forth a fake perfect front for all the world to see. I also can’t stand it when I find myself buying into it. I did it just today. Another mom posting all about how her superior lifestyle was the way to go, and why her child… [Read More]

Thoughts From The Bus Stop

It’s difficult to explain how I felt sending my kids off to school today,  just 3 days after the tragedy in that elementary school in Newtown. I felt anxiety and fear for their safety. I felt heartache for the parents who would never get another chance to tell their little ones “have a good day”… [Read More]

Politics & Marriage: A House Divided (At Least We Can Laugh About It)

This is my lawn. One of these signs (the smart one in the foreground) belongs to me…the other belongs to my loving husband. Aren’t we obnoxious? We’ve actually had neighbors stop as they are driving by and make fun of us. We totally deserve it. When it comes to politics we are a house divided…. [Read More]

Take That, Disney Princess Haters!

There’s this movement out there among pop culture that hates the entire Disney Princess cause. They hate the message it sends to little girls: that they have to be beautiful and soft spoken. They should never get dirty or mess up their hair. And they have to wait for their prince to come and carry… [Read More]

Do You Worry About Bullying?

One of the things that scares me the most about parenting school-aged kids is bullying. Because even though we’re all positive that we’re raising the most intelligent, kind and responsible kids….the truth is we send them off on that school bus every morning and we have no control over their social interactions with other kids. I cross… [Read More]

Those Wacky Duggars Are At It Again…

  For those of you not familiar with the Duggar family, here’s what you need to know. Jim Bob and Michelle are a couple from Arkansas who have become famous on their reality TV show called ’19 Kids and Counting.’ Yes…they have 19 kids (who all have J names!) Their kids are the most adorable, well-behaved,… [Read More]

Are You Calling Me Lazy?

The Mommy Wars…the entire concept makes me cringe. Mostly I hate it because of what an emotionally charged, and intensely personal subject motherhood can be. I recently saw an episode of Anderson where the guests were SAHMs and working moms discussing who was happier. I was appalled to hear the working moms say they thought SAHMs were… [Read More]