The Moment a Complete Stranger Changed My Perspective

It was one of those every day moments. At least it seemed like it until a fellow mom, a complete stranger, stopped me in my tracks and talked some sense into me. We were at the American Girl store celebrating my little girl’s birthday. I was squatting down to take her picture so we could commemorate… [Read More]

10 Ways I’m Totally Screwing Up My Kids

Did you watch the show Parenthood? Sadly, its series finale was in January. But find it if you can, and binge-watch the hell out of it. In one episode, Julia was struggling with the ever-present mom guilt. She felt like she was screwing up her kids, which of course totally hit home. Not even gonna… [Read More]

You Gotta Read This: You Have to F**king Eat

    You Have to F**king Eat looks like a children’s book. But you probably don’t want to read this one to your kids. Nope, this one is for the parents. The parents who have grown tired of mealtime battles. The parents who refuse to engage in one more power struggle over vegetables. The parents… [Read More]

Hysterectomy Recovery Week 8: I’ve Got My Mojo Back!

Eight weeks ago my uterus and I broke up. That’s right. I had had enough of  her sass so I kicked her to the curb. Seriously though? It was a long road  leading up to my decision to have a hysterectomy. You can read about my  journey here. Now that I’m two months out from surgery,… [Read More]

Clash of the Couples is Here!!!

I have HUGE NEWS, you guys! Remember that time when I was a contributing author in The Mother of All Meltdowns last year? Well the follow-up book is out today and I’m so proud to be featured in it! Last time we tackled the challenges of keeping our cool with our kids. This time around… [Read More]

What Am I Going To Do All Day? Let Me Tell You…

Yes, I am a Stay at Home Mom.    Yes, All of my kids are in school now. And Yes, I hate it when you ask me what I do with all of my “free time.” It’s been one month since my youngest started kindergarten. For one month I’ve been a stay at home Mom… [Read More]

Hysterectomy Recovery: Week 1

It’s been 6 days since my hysterectomy. Six long days. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions, but I suppose that’s par for the course. (You can read about my uterine journey here…as long as you’re not too squeamish.) Before my surgery I thought I had a pretty good handle on what to expect for recovery…. [Read More]

My Uterus and I Are Breaking Up

If all goes as planned, I’m only going to have two more periods. Ever. In my life. That’s because my uterus and I are breaking up. Yep. It’s official. I just scheduled my hysterectomy for mid-september. Over the past few years my uterus has put me through hell. I’m talking heavy, irregular periods with cramps… [Read More]

Dear Tampons…

    Fair Warning: This post contains talk about lady things. Specifically periods, tampons, and PMS. So if you’re my dad, or any other male who has difficulty with the  female reality, it might be best to sit this one out. If you are like me and have no shame talking about all things vaginal, well…high five,… [Read More]

Teachers! You know I love you, but…

    It’s teacher appreciation week! Don’t you love teachers? I do. (You know I used to be one, right?)  Teachers have one of the hardest jobs on the planet. It feels wonderful to know my kids are in SUCH great  hands when I send them off to school every day. Teachers are amazing! I… [Read More]