He Planned a Mystery Trip Full of Surprises – Pt. 2

  My husband did the unthinkable. He actually planned a spontaneous, surprise vacation for the two of us right down to the dinner reservations each evening. He even made sure the kids were taken care of it so I wouldn’t have to stress over it! You can read about the agonizing month of hint dropping,… [Read More]

He Planned a Mystery Trip Full of Surprises – Part One

The day after Thanksgiving my husband left a piece of paper on my bathroom vanity that said: ‘Don’t plan anything after Christmas and before the kids go back to school. I have made plans for you and I around New Years Eve. I will be coordinating everything including childcare, activities, dining, etc.You are not to… [Read More]

Clash of the Couples is Here!!!

I have HUGE NEWS, you guys! Remember that time when I was a contributing author in The Mother of All Meltdowns last year? Well the follow-up book is out today and I’m so proud to be featured in it! Last time we tackled the challenges of keeping our cool with our kids. This time around… [Read More]

He Brought Me Along On a Work Trip…Now I’m Eating Crow

Eating Crow: an American colloquialism meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness  or having been proved wrong after taking a strong position Remember this post I wrote almost two years ago about about how much I resented my husband’s work travel? Well, I felt compelled to write an update. Why? Because I finally got invited on one of my husband’s… [Read More]

13 Years Ago

Thirteen years ago today we said ‘I do.’ I can’t help but laugh when I think of how young and clueless we were back then. Twenty three years old. Babies, really. WAY too young to be jumping into marriage. (Why didn’t anyone try to talk some sense into us?!?) It still blows my mind that… [Read More]

Politics & Marriage: A House Divided (At Least We Can Laugh About It)

This is my lawn. One of these signs (the smart one in the foreground) belongs to me…the other belongs to my loving husband. Aren’t we obnoxious? We’ve actually had neighbors stop as they are driving by and make fun of us. We totally deserve it. When it comes to politics we are a house divided…. [Read More]

Those Wacky Duggars Are At It Again…

  For those of you not familiar with the Duggar family, here’s what you need to know. Jim Bob and Michelle are a couple from Arkansas who have become famous on their reality TV show called ’19 Kids and Counting.’ Yes…they have 19 kids (who all have J names!) Their kids are the most adorable, well-behaved,… [Read More]

Life With(out) a Traveling Husband

My husband travels for work…a lot. In fact, as I write this we are in the middle of one of his busiest travel months of the year. He is/will be travelling 4 weeks during the month of March. So many times I’ve found myself wondering if I’m the only wife who struggles with the strain… [Read More]