Summer 2014 Running Playlist

 Have you heard of Us the Duo? They’re this adorable newly married couple  who are rising to fame on Vine. Their new song, No Matter Where You Are is probably one of my favorite songs of the season…and just happens to make an awesome running song too. Bonus! Not gonna lie, I’m sort of obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new… [Read More]

Christmas 2013 Playlist

There’s no doubt in my mind that the best part of the holiday season is the music! You’ll hear it playing in my kitchen from morning until night. I wanted to put together a playlist to share with my readers. But I wanted it to be a step beyond the traditional songs you’ve heard a… [Read More]

Summer 2013 Running Playlist

It’s officially time for a new summer running playlist! (I’m admittedly fickle when it comes to my music…so I’m always looking for some updated motivation.) Here are my latest favorites that have been keeping me company while hitting the pavement: Brave by Sara Bareilles: It’s a great starter song for a run. A little slow,… [Read More]

My 14 Seconds of Michael Buble Mania…

Let’s talk about Michael Buble. I like to refer to him as ‘My Other Husband’ (with all due respect to my real husband, obviously.) He sets my heart all aflutter. He is perfection. And he’s also coming out with new music for the first time in two years. He has released two tiny little teaser… [Read More]

My Running Playlist for 2013

Hello there, old friends… I haven’t run since October. I took three months off. I thought it would feel relaxing, and for a while it was. But ultimately I ended up feeling lazy and gross. So I’m back at it again. It hasn’t been pretty, but it feels SO great to be running again! Exhilarating actually…. [Read More]

I Must Confess…

There’s something I have to get off of my chest. I’ve been keeping it a secret for a while now. I’m not proud of it, but I can’t hide it any longer. Okay. Here goes… About a month ago I was at Target…alone, if you other moms can even imagine it. I walked by an… [Read More]

The Song That Saved My Sanity

Picture it: We’re driving to the cabin in the trusted family mini-van. It’s a few hours in and the kids are getting antsy and restless…and frankly, on my last nerve. We’ve played every car game I can think of. I’ve doled out every threat and bribe imaginable. And I’ve uttered the words, “Hands and feet… [Read More]

Broadway Tour Review: Green Day’s American Idiot

Hennepin Theater Trust sent me to see opening night of Green Day’s American Idiot as an ‘exclusive blogger’ last night…such a HUGE thrill for this theater lover! Let me start by saying that I brought my best friend Jocie to the show. And the fact that we both had husbands who offered to stay home… [Read More]

What If Real Life Was Like Glee Life?

I LOVE me some Glee. People love that show because they love to root for the underdogs…to see the geeks prevail. Don’t get me wrong, I like that too. But what I REALLY love about Glee is how it answers the question: How awesome would it be if real life was like a movie musical?… [Read More]