Summer 2014 Running Playlist

 Have you heard of Us the Duo? They’re this adorable newly married couple  who are rising to fame on Vine. Their new song, No Matter Where You Are is probably one of my favorite songs of the season…and just happens to make an awesome running song too. Bonus! Not gonna lie, I’m sort of obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new… [Read More]

Summer 2013 Running Playlist

It’s officially time for a new summer running playlist! (I’m admittedly fickle when it comes to my music…so I’m always looking for some updated motivation.) Here are my latest favorites that have been keeping me company while hitting the pavement: Brave by Sara Bareilles: It’s a great starter song for a run. A little slow,… [Read More]

Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing

A local radio host, Keri Noble, wrote yesterday about the Boston Marathon bombings: “There are no words, but it feels strange to say nothing.” Profound words on a profoundly sad day. Another one of those days when you turn on your computer and your heart sinks at what you’re seeing. Another incident that sparks anxiety… [Read More]

My Running Playlist for 2013

Hello there, old friends… I haven’t run since October. I took three months off. I thought it would feel relaxing, and for a while it was. But ultimately I ended up feeling lazy and gross. So I’m back at it again. It hasn’t been pretty, but it feels SO great to be running again! Exhilarating actually…. [Read More]

Go Commando Adventure 5K…We Did It!!!

It was 8 months ago when my friends and I decided over some wine that we were going to run the Go Commando 5K Adventure Race…remember? It was one little decision on a whim to run a race and get muddy with my friends. But it was a decision that has had a pretty amazing impact… [Read More]

5K Training Update: What Running Is Teaching Me About Myself

Remember that blog post where I was freaking out about starting to train for my first ever 5K? The blog post where I thought for sure it would take me 3 months of training to get ready, and I couldn’t understand what fun anyone could find in running? That blog post from two months ago where I was… [Read More]

I’m Going Commando in June!

This is the story of how 5 girlfriends (all moms in their mid-30’s) got together last October, had some wine, and  somehow decided the thing to do was to sign up for the Go Commando 5K Adventure Race in June. With varying degrees of running experience in the group, we made a pact that we… [Read More]