Another New Chapter

For 9 years Goodnight Moon has been a part of my life. I swear I’ve read it at least a million times. That means a million times one of my kids has filled in this blank: “And goodnight to the old lady whispering ________.” A million times we’ve turned the lights off in that little house… [Read More]

Am I Really Qualified To Be a Mom?

It was a rough week in our house. One of our kids (who shall remain nameless) has been an absolute challenge lately. Pushing limits and testing us. Things finally came to a head at the dinner table a few nights ago. It became an epic showdown. (If you listened really hard you could almost hear… [Read More]

A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

Dear 16 Year Old Me, First of all, STOP CALLING YOURSELF FAT! You won’t possibly believe this, but one day you’ll wish you were this ‘fat’ again. You are young and beautiful…enjoy the hell out of it! Sorry to tell you this, but your days of being able to eat whatever you want and still… [Read More]

Thoughts From The Bus Stop

It’s difficult to explain how I felt sending my kids off to school today,  just 3 days after the tragedy in that elementary school in Newtown. I felt anxiety and fear for their safety. I felt heartache for the parents who would never get another chance to tell their little ones “have a good day”… [Read More]

I Survived “The Talk” With My Son

Well, the time finally came. I had to have the “S-word” talk  with our 8 year old. No, not the sex talk…The Santa talk. It became painfully obvious to me last year that he didn’t believe anymore. But I thought if we could just make it through the holiday without him blurting it out to his younger… [Read More]

Thanks For the Memories, Mr. Bear

Recently a Facebook friend posted this uh-mazing video about a boy reuniting with his lost lovey in the most unbelievable way…trust me, you’ll want tissues handy when you watch. Lump in your throat? Me too. But not completely because of that video. Mostly because of what happened a few weeks ago while I was putting… [Read More]