10 Things I Will Not Feel ‘Mom Guilt’ About

‘Mom Guilt’…it’s something I battle every day. My most frequently asked questions are: Am I doing enough for them? Am I doing too much for them? Am I doing what’s best for them…or what’s best for me? Am I permanently scarring my children by making the wrong decisions? Will they grow up to need therapy… [Read More]

Broadway Tour Review: Green Day’s American Idiot

Hennepin Theater Trust sent me to see opening night of Green Day’s American Idiot as an ‘exclusive blogger’ last night…such a HUGE thrill for this theater lover! Let me start by saying that I brought my best friend Jocie to the show. And the fact that we both had husbands who offered to stay home… [Read More]

I’m Going Commando in June!

This is the story of how 5 girlfriends (all moms in their mid-30’s) got together last October, had some wine, and  somehow decided the thing to do was to sign up for the Go Commando 5K Adventure Race in June. With varying degrees of running experience in the group, we made a pact that we… [Read More]

What If Real Life Was Like Glee Life?

I LOVE me some Glee. People love that show because they love to root for the underdogs…to see the geeks prevail. Don’t get me wrong, I like that too. But what I REALLY love about Glee is how it answers the question: How awesome would it be if real life was like a movie musical?… [Read More]

Are You Calling Me Lazy?

The Mommy Wars…the entire concept makes me cringe. Mostly I hate it because of what an emotionally charged, and intensely personal subject motherhood can be. I recently saw an episode of Anderson where the guests were SAHMs and working moms discussing who was happier. I was appalled to hear the working moms say they thought SAHMs were… [Read More]

Practically Imperfect In Every Way

The first thing you should know about me is, I come from a long line of PERFECT women. My Great Grandma Fergie was smart, hilarious and almost regal in my eyes. She lived to be 96 and stayed fabulous til the very end. My Grandma JC is one of the hippest grannies I know to exist. She… [Read More]