The Mother Of All Meltdowns

I’m THRILLED to be a contributing author in The Mother of All Meltdowns!
Featuring thirty tell-all tales from the trenches of motherhood, the anthology takes an honest look
at the moments that bring even the strongest mama to her knees. Bonus content reveals the secrets
to surviving the most harrowing meltdown with grace, composure, and maybe a little wine.
Whether or not she’s pooped in a busy public rest room with the door wide open (without knowing
it) or chased her mischievous toddler off the rooftop, every mother, grandmother, and mother-to-be
will relate to the stories in The Mother of All Meltdowns. 
 Robin Gorman Newman, author, producer, and founder of, said, “The Mother
of All Meltdowns is a smart, honest collection by bloggers who tell it like it is, or as we sometimes
wish it was. Parenting, warts and all, is celebrated, questioned, and laid bare. You’ll chuckle or
cringe with recognition, and it’s a thoughtful, amusing read for the weary.” 
 Lisa and Ashley, the bloggers behind The Dose of Reality and contributing authors to Amazon
bestseller, I Just Want to Pee Alone, said, “Every mom reading will come away feeling like she has
thirty new girlfriends who just “get it”! All moms deserve the laughter and validation The Mother of
All Meltdowns delivers!”
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